With Standard membership and up,  you can choose for free between all our classes.

With the basic membership you can buy a class for 125,- pr class.   


You must check in no later than 10 minutes before the class starts or your spot may be given to someone else. 

We also often have no shows, so you can also meet up and hope for a spot. 


IMPORTANT : In case of no-show or cancellation later than 2 hours before the class starts, an amount of 50 dkk will be charged. 

This also applies to those on the waiting list if given a spot on the class.


Mandag: 9.30-18.00

Tirsdag: 9.30-18.00

Onsdag: 9.30-18.00

Torsdag: 9.30-18.00

Fredag: 9.30-18.00

Lørdag: 9.00-13.00

Søndag: 9.00 -12.00

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